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A Lil' Sacrifice

A Lil' Sacrifice

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"A Lil' Sacrifice"


**Please note the dimensions of this black velvet painting before purchasing.**

**Please check out ALL the pics as well as the notes below regarding the pics.**


**Special Note: Colour may vary depending on your monitor or viewing device.  The colours of this painting are teals, oranges, yellows, and white on a black velvet background.**


Watermarks are for web purposes only and do not appear on the actual painting.


This is an original black velvet painting by Palm Springs artist Clee Sobieski.  The paints used are acrylic. The black velvet is made up of 57% acetate and 43% nylon and is stretched over an 8x10" wood painting panel and back stapled. The depth is approximately 7x8".  It is ready to hang and enjoy without the need of a frame if you choose.  It is signed by the artist in the lower corner. Additionally it is signed, dated, titled and catalogued on the reverse side on the wood panel. 


The first four were taken with the painting hanging on the wall.  The sun had just passed over the mountains, my window is on the left and I have a lamp on to the right. You can see some smudges in the water as well as a bit on the beach.

The next four were taken overhead with the painting on the counter. The smudges are more evident here.

The final four were taken overhead outside. The smudges are pretty clear here. 

In lower light and at angles the smudges are not as evident.  But I point them out and am sharing all of these pics for transparency's sake. Overall, they should not take away from your enjoyment of this painting.

This painting is priced accordingly because of those smudges.


The velvet is not glued to the panel to allow for future restretching if need be.


Please note that I am new to painting on black velvet and I am still learning. Even stretching the velvet over the wood panel is new to me.  There may be some inconsistencies in the stretching/stapling.  


Have your lint roller ready! Seriously! 

Items not purchased on the same day may not be eligible for combined shipping.

In the case where you have purchased multiple items AND shipping for each item, if I am able to combine those purchases I will. If that leads to a difference in shipping I will refund the difference via Shopify.

This painting is sold as is (no customizations).  I have tried to describe the painting accurately but please reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns BEFORE purchasing. 

This painting was created in a space that I share with my cat, Kipper.  While he doesn't actually help in the painting process he does tend to supervise my progress.  All joking aside, I include this info for those who might have severe or highly sensitive cat allergies.

Shipping will occur within 5 business days of payment received. 

Please check out my other listings as I'm consistently painting and adding new pieces up for purchase.  

California residents to pay CA Sales Tax.

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