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Kitty Temptation (red)

Kitty Temptation (red)

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Kitty Temptation (red) 

Roughly 2”-2.5”

These ornaments are on the small size. See the pics for reference.

Currently only available in the United States.  

Hand-painted ornaments. The image is repeated on both sides. They’re signed either “Sobieski” or “Kittyeski” (for the kitty ornaments). They’re dated as well. 


The colours of this ornament are green, red, black, white, gray, and dark brown (trim). 

The bark trim is also painted to help ensure a more consistent trim.


If you do not like the candy-cane string, message me in the contact form and I can switch it to a plain brown string.

They are not sealed as I only have a liquid sealer and am unsure if that would truly help or hinder.

I will pack them well however some of the trim may chip off during shipping. If it is a small chip, honestly a lil’ black sharpie would work in covering it (I tested this).

But if the ornament arrives damaged beyond hope, please take pics and send me a message using the contact tab on this site. I will paint a replacement and send it out asap.

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